REVIEW: Good & Cheap 39″ TV

I paid $149 + taxes when I bought it around May of 2016. I had a Link to the product below but I removed it as I noticed the merchants on Amazon jacked up the price to more than 100%! I now recommend that you search on the internet for the best price for this TV, which I still recommend, but not for the price some merchants are asking! In my opinion this TV is not worth more than $200, if at all. It is a good TV (mine is still working fine more than a year later) but the image is not in high enough quality to justify some of the prices merchants are trying to sell it for. I would not pay more than $200 for this TV, but I would definitely buy the TV, if the price is at or below $200. Any more than that is too much and I wouldn’t pay. Search online for the best price! The name of this television is PROSCAN PLDED3996A 39″ 1080p D-LED TV. Use this name in your search.

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